full name greer zoe james date of birth + age july 1, 1994 + 21 hometown ann arbor, michigan sexuality pansexual relationship status loving and being loved astrological signs cancer + wren/oak personality types enfp-a + type 9 + server
born to parents anthony and carissa james, greer came into the world loudly on july 1, 1994. it was an easy labor, and her mother joked regularly that it was an early warning of how easy to raise she would be. her father worked for a crystal company, something that really took off as technology increased, providing the family with more money than they ever could have imagined. this allowed her mother to stay home with greer or her older brother jase, or go back to work, something she flitted between often throughout their childhood. when greer was six, her parents decided to adopt another child, he was eleven and his name was preston. greer was thrilled at this idea, and enthusiastically welcomed and greeted him into the family. always the overly energetic and enthusiastic child, greer couldn't keep her excitement to herself when her family continued to grow.

greer was always an open and loving child, and yet fiercely loyal and quick to defend those that she loved. while in school greer was either loving and mothering on the other kids or yelling at the bullies. she found herself with friends, but none that really stuck. her brain always seemed to move faster and think more than the other kids. she had a tendency to daydream in class, understanding and picking up information more quickly than the other kids. her grades were always stellar, but teachers noticed that she never seemed to be paying attention, prefering to always look like her head is in the clouds.

gender was something that confused greer from early on. she often inquired to her brothers, "what makes a boy a boy?" and never really understood why genetalia automatically meant you had to be one thing. when she met ree parera at eight years old and he simply answered her question with, "i think it's when you feel like a boy, you're a boy", she immediately decided they were best friends. there was something about the boy who was always over at her house, wanted to dress up in her clothes, and didn't mind holding her hand on the playground that stuck with her.

as greer grew older, she knew there was something different about her, and ree quickly became the only person she trusted with trying to figure out her own identity. there was never any doubt in her mind that she was identified as a girl, but other than that the typical labels never really fit her. greer found herself lucky enough to grow up in a home that encouraged her to discover who she was, and what she identified herself as, and eventually after much trial and error figured out the "word" that best described her. greer has since become very open about being pansexual, and what that word means for her, and her dislike for needing to find a "word" that describes her sexuality.

she found herself in what most people would call a relationship with ree, but they also both found they enjoyed the freedom to be with others as well. greer was never easily tied down, never easily committed to only one person, and never saw herself only committing to ree, although she never saw herself existing without him. the world continually tried to label them as a "couple" or her "boyfriend" but he was always so much more than that word to her, and even more than "soulmate". they grew together, knew each other better than anyone, and often took delight in confusing as many people as they could with their relationship.

after graduating from high school, and convinced she knew everything about herself, greer felt armed and ready to go to college. she found that college was a whole new exciting world full of lots of exciting new people. she decided to study women's studies at the university of michigan and seemed to fit in well. college was much more open and accepting, she could be exactly who she was without any concerns, and it was much easier to rid herself of people that weren't tolerant. it was quite refreshing for greer, and part of her wants to continue studying for the rest of her life.

greer has never actually held a job, she's relied mostly on her parents money to let her do whatever she wants and flit from place to place. while it's not the greatest long term plan, it's working for her now and she's never been much of a long term planner. being the baby of the family, her parents tend to spoil her and let her purchase whatever she needs to, and more often tickets to music festivals, which are some of her favorite places. she tends to also indulge in recreational drug use often, and mostly at festivals.

she identifies as polyamorous, but because of how she grew up, sometimes she forgets that all people don't operate like her. she's never been in a monogamous relationship, mostly because that would mean picking between ree and someone else and that is no contest. often though, greer forgets to mention that she's poly until someone decides to have the "exclusive" dating conversation if it ever comes. typically, she will apologize profusely for any miscommunication and try to mend bridges as she can.

someday greer would like to settle down, although she's not 100% sure what that looks like yet. ideally it would be a group of people that all love and respect each other, as well as complete each other in ways that are beyond what she can fathom. she'd like to be a mom someday but again, she's not sure what that looks like. all she knows is that she wants it to be as open and accepting and loving as how she grew up, and she wants to do it with her favorite people in tow.

after a two week long trip to hawaii, she moved ree, vivie and josh into her three bedroom apartment. they all bring out the best in each other in different ways, and currently, greer doesn't plan on exisitng without any of them close for a long time.

which apartment complex do you live in? i live in kellogg with my middle brother. he needs hug therapy on the regular
when did you move in? like two weeks ago.
where are you originally from? born and raised in ann arbor.
why did you move here? i was ready for my own place, kind of tired of the dorm life, and with as many people as i like to have in my life, it made more sense to get an apartment.
who do you live with? preston
what kind of neighbor are you? i'm not sure,i also don't typically take no for an answer if it's something i really want, like the hammock going up in the living room despite a few people i know's arguments against it. if any of my neighbors ever asked me for help i would help them 100% but i'm also loud, the loudest of our little group i think.
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